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Alloy Wheels
Shot Blasting Machine

Our superior closed-loop hanger-type blasting machine removes rust, paint, and contaminants from alloy wheels with optimal performance and durability. Contact us to learn more about our top-quality products.

Alloy Wheels Shot Blasting Machine

- The closed-loop continuous hanger-type alloy wheels blasting machine offers sustainable abrasive media recycling.
- Continuous processing capability ensures efficient treatment of alloy wheels.
- Advanced control systems enable precise adjustments for optimal surface quality.
- Robust dust collection system maintains a clean working environment.
- Specialized handling fixtures prevent damage to alloy wheels during blasting.






Automatic Wheel Shot Blasting 

A closed-loop continuous hanger-type alloy wheels blasting machine efficiently prepares alloy wheels for finishing through sustainable, high-throughput surface treatment.

Customised option is available as per requirement 

4 to 6 weeks


  • ​Energy Efficiency: Optimized design and variable frequency drives reduce power consumption, lowering operational costs.

  • Environmental Compliance: Closed-loop abrasive recycling and advanced dust filtration exceed environmental regulations.

  • Automated Handling: Optional automated loading/unloading systems increase productivity and reduce manual labor.

  • Customizable Programs: PLC with customizable blasting programs ensures consistent results and quick setup.

  • Surface Inspection: Integration with surface inspection systems ensures quality control post-blasting.

  • Operator Comfort: Ergonomic controls, noise reduction, and climate-controlled cabins prioritize operator comfort and safety.

  • After-Sales Support: Comprehensive support services, including installation, training, maintenance, and spare parts availability.

  • Adaptability: Modular design allows for future upgrades and expansions to meet evolving process requirements.

  • Coating Standards: Meets surface preparation standards such as SSPC-SP6/NACE No. 3 for superior coating adhesion.

  • Installation Efficiency: Compact footprint and streamlined installation process minimize disruption to operations.

  • Media Versatility: Compatible with various abrasive media types and sizes for flexible surface finish options.

  • Finishing Capabilities: Achieves specific aesthetic finishes on alloy wheels to enhance appearance and texture.

  • Operational Data Logging: Data logging and reporting capabilities track operational parameters for continuous improvement.

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing ensures high standards of performance, reliability, and safety.

Material Compatibility:

  • Suitable for various alloy wheel types, including aluminum, magnesium, and alloy steel.

  • Compatible with different wheel sizes ranging from 13 inches to 22 inches in diameter.

  • Designed to handle delicate wheel designs without causing damage.

Compliance &

  • CE Marking for compliance with European safety standards.

  • ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems.

  • Environmental compliance with regulations regarding dust emissions and energy efficiency.

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