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Door Mounted Hanger Type
Shot Blasting Machine

A door-mounted hanger type shot blasting machine short line efficiently cleans metal parts by propelling abrasives at high speeds. Ideal for automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication industries for quality finishing.

Door Mounted Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

The Door Mounted Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine is a versatile industrial equipment designed for efficient surface cleaning and preparation of metal parts.


Its key components include a hanger system for suspending parts, a blasting chamber housing abrasive media, and a blast wheel that propels the abrasive at high velocity onto the parts.


Equipped with a dust collector, it ensures a clean working environment by capturing generated dust. The machine's control system allows operators to adjust parameters for optimal cleaning.


With its door-mounted design facilitating easy loading and unloading of parts, this machine is widely utilized across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication, for tasks such as rust removal, scale removal, and surface finishing prior to coating or painting.

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Hanger Type Machine

The Door Mounted Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine is vital in industries like automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication for cleaning and preparing metal parts before painting or coating, removing rust, scale, and contaminants to enhance component quality and durability.



Customised option is available as per requirement 

4 to 6 weeks


  • Precision Blasting: Our Door Mounted Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machines employ advanced blast wheel technology to deliver precise and uniform surface cleaning and preparation, ensuring consistent results across all treated components.

  • Versatile Applications: Engineered for versatility, our machines accommodate a wide spectrum of applications including rust removal, scale elimination, descaling, and meticulous surface finishing, catering to diverse industrial needs with unparalleled efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Operation: With intuitive controls and a streamlined interface, operating our machines is effortlessly straightforward, facilitating seamless integration into your production workflow without compromising on precision or performance.

  • Advanced Dust Collection System: Equipped with a high-efficiency dust collection system, our machines maintain a pristine working environment by capturing airborne contaminants effectively, safeguarding both worker health and equipment longevity.

  • Robust Construction: Engineered for durability, our machines feature rugged construction and dependable performance, ensuring sustained operational excellence even in the most demanding industrial environments, thereby minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.

  • Tailored Customization Options: We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements, allowing for personalized configurations that maximize operational efficiency and address unique production challenges with optimal effectiveness.

Material Compatibility:

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals: Suitable for steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.

  • Alloy Compatibility: Works with carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, titanium, nickel alloys, and more.

  • Part Size and Shape: Accommodates small, intricate parts to large, complex components.

  • Surface Sensitivity: Provides gentle yet thorough cleaning, minimizing surface damage.

  • Coating Compatibility: Prepares surfaces for painting, coating, plating, and welding with excellent adhesion.

Compliance &

  • Adherence to Industry Regulations

  • Meeting Safety Standards

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

  • Customizable to Customer Specifications

Door Mounted Hanger Type
Shot Blasting Machine Specializations

  • Precision Blasting: Ensures precise and uniform surface cleaning and preparation.

  • Versatile Applications: Accommodates various surface treatments, including rust removal, scale elimination, and surface finishing.

  • Easy Operation: Intuitive controls and user-friendly interface for seamless integration into production processes.

  • Robust Construction: Built for durability and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

  • Customization Options: Tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, optimizing performance and efficiency for unique applications.

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