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Paint Booth System

A paint booth system is crucial for automotive and industrial businesses, providing a controlled environment for high-quality results. various options available, invest in one today to improve your workflow and finished products.

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The line of industrial paint booths available from Finishing Systems includes wet painting booths that are ideally suited for industrial, military, and aero-space applications.

Our industrial paint booths feature durable galvanized steel single-skin panel design, along with shadow-free lighting for excellent visibility while you work. Heavy-duty fans and motors offer an unbeatable combination of superior performance and maximum energy efficiency. The booths offer an expandable modular design that is also easy to assemble.



  • Downdraft – The best choice for overspray removal

  • Side Downdraft – Ideal for overspray removal in situations where digging a pit is not a viable alternative

  • Semi-Downdraft – A budget-friendly option when pit excavation is not feasible

  • Cross-draft – A low-cost option for all sizes that also does not require pit excavation

White pre-coated panels are available as an option with all our wet painting booths. Other features include a choice of control panels, as well as air heaters that offer a range of convenient placement options.


Accessorize your industrial paint booth by adding an industrial grade fan assembly, various lighting options, observation windows, ductwork packages and more. We can even design custom wet painting booths to meet your specific requirements.


This type of system has air flow which takes filters placed at the topmost walls. It should soak the extra fumes from the atmosphere of booth filter glass. It is placed at the bottom side and it should get from Down Draft Paint Spray Booth.

This includes a centrifugal fan which has been operating with floor level by spray booth. It includes filters that are meant for air intake by placing with arrested filters which absorb quickly. It determines an actual range by absorbing with a centrifugal fan.

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Based on the customer's application, the Semi Down Draft/ Side Draft Paint Spray Booth has been designed by Krishnashot, Semi down Draft Paint Spray Booth.

It also consists of pre and ceiling filters at the top layer of the paint spray booth, in order to grab the advantages of dust-free air or fresh air from the exterior of the environment and by holding the pressure, the air will get down at the paint spray booth's side walls by Semi down Draft Paint Spray Booth.

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* Suited for enclosed dust free painting requirements in           automobile, handicrafts etc.
* Paint curing in enclosed environment @60° to 80° C for 30    minutes curing schedule.
* Full roof filtration ensures uniform filtered laminar flow.

* Imported burners and filters.

* Dust free working environment with in built curing facility.




Based on the customer's application, the End Draft Paint Spray Booth has been designed by Krishnashot.


It also consists of pre and ceiling filters at the top layer of the paint walls spray booth, in order to grab the advantages of dust-free air or fresh air from outside and by holding the pressure, the air will get down at the paint spray booth’s End/Back walls by End Draft Paint Spray Booth.


Here, at that time, in order to absorb the extra impurities and fume from inside the paint spray booth, the process has been takes place by End Draft Paint Spray Booth. The major reason it has been known as End Draft Paint Spray Booth, is because at the Back walls, the paint trap filters have been placed.

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Selecting Paint Booth System


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A paint booth with a shutter door is a specialized enclosure used in automotive or industrial settings for painting vehicles, parts, or other objects. The shutter door serves as an entry and exit point, providing easy access to the booth for vehicles or equipment.

These booths typically include:

The booth is an enclosed area designed to prevent dust, debris, and other contaminants from affecting the paint job. Ventilation systems ensure proper airflow, removing paint fumes and maintaining a safe environment. Filters help trap overspray and particles, preventing them from contaminating the air or settled surfaces.

Adequate lighting is crucial for painters to see the surface they're working on accurately. It helps ensure an even and consistent application of paint. The shutter door allows easy entry and exit of vehicles or items to be painted. It can be opened and closed conveniently, providing access while maintaining the controlled environment inside. Paint booths often have safety features like fire suppression systems or emergency exits to ensure the safety of workers and the facility.

These booths are crucial in ensuring a controlled environment for painting, ensuring the quality of the
finish and minimizing environmental impact from paint overspray.


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It sounds like you're mentioning different processes or activities that might not naturally go together! Painting, baking, shot blasting—they’re all quite distinct.

Painting: This involves applying paint to a surface, usually after preparation like priming. It's a way to add color or protection to an object or surface. Often associated with cooking, baking involves using dry heat in an oven to cook food.

However, in other contexts, baking might refer to curing or drying certain materials or paints in industrial processes. This is a process used for cleaning, strengthening, or preparing surfaces. It involves propelling small, hard particles at high speeds onto the surface to remove contaminants or old layers of paint, rust, or other surface imperfections.

Combining these processes into a booth could mean having separate sections or areas for each process. For instance, a manufacturing or industrial setting might have different booths or areas for shot blasting, painting, and curing (which could involve baking).

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