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Turnkey Project of
Blast Room/ Powder Coating/ Baking Oven with Conveyor System

Our turnkey blast room powder coating baking oven provides high-quality finishes. We handle everything

from design to installation for a hassle-free experience. 

Automatic Blast Room Powder coating & Oven System front.png

A turnkey project for blast room, powder coating, and baking oven with conveyor system involves providing a comprehensive solution from start to finish. This encompasses everything from initial consultation and design to installation, commissioning, and ongoing support.


In the case of a blast room, this might include designing and constructing an enclosed space equipped with the necessary blasting equipment for surface preparation.


For powder coating, it involves setting up the entire process line, including the application equipment, curing oven, and any necessary pre-treatment stages. Similarly, a baking oven with conveyor system entails designing and installing an oven with a conveyor belt system for efficient baking or curing of products.


The turnkey approach ensures seamless integration of all components, allowing for efficient operation and optimal performance of the entire system. Additionally, it often includes training for personnel and ongoing maintenance to ensure long-term reliability and productivity.


  • Blast Room: This is an enclosed space designed for abrasive blasting operations. It's used for cleaning, stripping, or surface preparation of various materials before coating.

  • Powder Coating Equipment: Powder coating is a dry finishing process where a powdered material is applied to a surface electrostatically and then cured under heat to form a hard finish. The equipment includes powder application systems, curing ovens, and potentially other accessories like spray booths.

  • Baking Oven: Also known as a curing oven, this is where the coated materials are heated to the appropriate temperature for curing the powder coating. Curing ensures proper adhesion and durability of the coating.

  • Conveyor System: A conveyor system facilitates the movement of materials or parts through various stages of the coating process. It helps in automating the production line, improving efficiency, and ensuring consistency.

  • Quality Control: Implement quality control measures throughout the process to ensure the consistency and quality of the finished products. This may involve regular inspection and testing of equipment, as well as quality checks at various stages of the coating process.

  • Energy Efficiency: Consider implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices to minimize operating costs and environmental impact. This may include energy-efficient heating systems for the baking oven, optimized conveyor system design, and efficient powder coating application techniques.

  • Scalability: Design the system with scalability in mind to accommodate future growth and expansion of the client's operations. This may involve modular designs that can be easily upgraded or expanded as needed.

A turnkey project involving these components would typically include:

  • Design and engineering of the entire system to meet the client's requirements and specifications.

  • Procurement of necessary equipment and materials.

  • Installation and setup of the blast room, powder coating equipment, baking oven, and conveyor system.

  • Testing and commissioning to ensure everything operates as intended.

  • Training for the client's staff on how to operate and maintain the equipment.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance services as needed.

Turnkey projects offer the advantage of convenience for the client, as they don't have to manage multiple vendors or coordinate different aspects of the project themselves. Instead, they can rely on a single provider to deliver a fully functional solution.

Material Compatibility:

  • Identify substrates: Determine the materials to be processed (e.g., steel, aluminum).

  • Ensure coating compatibility: Materials should not react adversely with coatings.

  • Check temperature resistance: Ensure all components can withstand high oven temperatures.

  • Verify chemical resistance: Materials must resist chemicals used in cleaning and coating.

  • Confirm electrical compatibility: Ensure all electrical components meet system requirements.

  • Adhere to safety standards: Components should meet relevant safety regulations.

  • Prioritize durability: Choose durable materials considering frequency of use and environment.

  • Consider maintenance: Opt for materials facilitating easy cleaning and upkeep.

  • Choose conveyor belt material: Select heat-resistant, durable materials for conveyor belts.

  • Ensure effective seals: Seals and gaskets must resist heat, chemicals, and wear to prevent leaks.

Compliance &

  • Turnkey project includes Blast Room, Powder Coating, Baking Oven, and Conveyor System.

  • Compliance with relevant industry standards ensured throughout project.

  • Adherence to safety standards such as OSHA, ANSI, and local regulations.

  • Quality control measures implemented at every stage of project development.

  • Environmental regulations and sustainability considerations integrated into design.

  • Regular inspections and testing to maintain compliance and quality assurance.

  • Documentation provided to demonstrate adherence to standards and regulations.

  • Continuous improvement processes in place to meet evolving standards and best practices.

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