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Paver Block
Shot Blasting Machine

Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine is specialized equipment that uses high-speed turbines to blast abrasive materials onto the surface of concrete blocks, pavers, and stones for surface preparation and textured finish.

Paver Block
Shot Blasting Machine

The Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine is engineered to cater to the cleaning, roughening, and texture enhancement needs of concrete paver blocks.


Its primary function revolves around effectively removing surface contaminants, laitance, and curing compounds from these blocks. Designed to handle various types of concrete paver blocks, including interlocking pavers used in driveways, walkways, and landscaping, as well as concrete tiles, slabs, and terrazzo tiles, this machine ensures thorough surface preparation.


Additionally, it may be compatible with clay or brick pavers commonly employed in landscaping projects. By enhancing the surface texture and cleanliness of these paving materials, the machine facilitates better adhesion of coatings, paints, and sealants, while also improving their overall aesthetic appeal.




Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

The Paver Block Shot Blasting Machine cleans, textures, and prepares concrete paver blocks by removing surface contaminants and creating a textured finish, enhancing their durability and aesthetic appeal for landscaping and construction projects.



Customised option is available as per requirement 

4 to 6 weeks


  • Efficient Cleaning: Utilizes abrasive blasting to remove surface contaminants, laitance, and curing compounds from concrete paver blocks, ensuring a clean and uniform surface.

  • Roughening and Texturing: Creates a roughened texture on the surface of paver blocks, enhancing adhesion for coatings, paints, and sealants, and improving skid resistance for outdoor applications.

  • Customized Chamber Design: Features a specialized chamber layout and conveyor system tailored to accommodate the size, shape, and thickness of paver blocks, ensuring uniform blasting coverage and consistent surface finish.

  • Variable Speed Control: Allows adjustment of conveyor speed to control the intensity and aggressiveness of the blasting process, accommodating different types of paver blocks and surface finish requirements.

  • Dust Collection System: Equipped with a dust collection system to capture abrasive dust and debris generated during the blasting process, maintaining a clean working environment and preventing air pollution.

  • Safety Features: Incorporates safety measures such as interlocks, guards, and emergency stop mechanisms to ensure operator safety during machine operation.

  • Automation Compatibility: Can be integrated with automation systems for loading and unloading of paver blocks, as well as process monitoring and control, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  • Customizable Options: Offers customizable options such as blast wheel configuration, abrasive media selection, and chamber size to accommodate specific customer requirements and applications.

  • Compliance with Standards: Meets relevant safety, environmental, and quality control standards for equipment operation and surface treatment processes.

  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy access to components for routine maintenance and inspection, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of machine components.

Material Compatibility:

  • Concrete: Concrete paver blocks made from cement, aggregates, and additives commonly used in landscaping, pavement, and construction applications.

  • Stone: Natural stone paver blocks made from materials such as granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone used in high-end landscaping and architectural projects.

  • Composite Materials: Composite paver blocks made from a combination of materials such as recycled plastics, rubber, and aggregates used in eco-friendly and sustainable paving solutions.

  • Interlocking Blocks: Interlocking concrete or stone blocks used in paving driveways, pathways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces.

  • Brick: Clay brick paver blocks used in traditional and rustic paving applications for driveways, walkways, and outdoor areas.

Compliance &

  • OSHA: Worker safety regulations adherence.

  • EPA: Environmental impact mitigation.

  • ISO: Equipment design and safety standards.

  • CE Marking: EU safety compliance.

  • Quality Control: Consistent shot blasting results.

  • MSDS: Safe handling of abrasive materials.

  • Equipment Safety: Compliance with safety standards.

  • Workplace Safety: Operator training and emergency procedures.

  • Noise Regulations: Compliance with noise limits.

  • Manufacturer's Specifications: Adherence to guidelines for installation and maintenance.

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